Wind and Hail Insurance is Possible in North Carolina for the Beach and Coast

Wind and Hail Insurance is Possible in North Carolina for the Beach and Coast

Insurance is a product that people to buy to make sure that their assets are protected in the event of a catastrophe. We buy auto insurance to fix people’s property in an accident and to pay medical bills if someone gets injured. We buy homeowner’s insurance to protect our homes and our families if the house was damaged or destroyed. Insurance is such a strong way to cover your home and auto that many loan companies actually REQUIRE that you purchase insurance as part of leasing or financing your car or home.

In North Carolina, homeowner’s insurance is easy to obtain for many people. You could go online and look up various insurance companies and find the one that best suits you. However, some people find it difficult to get insurance because of the values of their homes, the number of claims they filed in the last three years, or the location of the property isn’t in a desirable location. This can make it difficult to find insurance for your home, and the mortgage company isn’t going to make an exception and say you can skate by without insurance. However, there ARE insurance companies in North Carolina that will place coverage for you if the home is reasonably maintained. For example, beach and coastal insurance are very difficult to obtain for consumers in the state of North Carolina through most insurance companies.

Coastal and beach insurance are often very hard to find for homeowners. Many homeowner’s insurance companies won’t write for people in certain counties because they are afraid of windstorms, tornados, and hail storms destroying your house. The frequency of these storms is a lot higher than in other places and the damage they do is several millions of dollars a year on average. Some companies will write homeowner’s insurance in the area but will EXCLUDE wind and hail coverage, which means that your home will NOT be protected during these storms commonly found on the coast. In fact, this is such a liability that many mortgage companies will not allow you to go without wind and hail coverage on the coast and will REQUIRE you to get coverage for wind and hail, even if you have to purchase a separate policy. Even worse, some companies will say they write the house and the wind and hail coverage together but can non-renew your policy after a loss, or decide not to maintain coverage after 1 year.

If you are in any of the following counties, you might find it extremely difficult to secure homeowner’s insurance AT ALL, much less with the wind and hail coverage included:

  • Carteret
  • Currituck
  • Dare
  • Hyde
  • Brunswick
  • New Hanover
  • Onslow
  • Pender

Starting in January of 2012 many companies have tightened up their restrictions on writing homes in these areas for primary homes, and many companies will NOT write secondary or investment homes in these counties AT ALL.

The following zip codes are also included for many standard homeowner’s policies:

    • 28403

    • 28405

    • 28409

    • 28411

    • 28412

    • 28443

    • 28460

    • 28461

    • 28462

    • 28468

    • 28469

    • 28539

    • 28557

    • 28584

If you find that you are purchasing a new home or refinancing through a new mortgage company and have to secure homeowners insurance wind and hail coverage, know that your job is harder than others but not impossible. We’re here to help find the best possible coverage available for you for your home, at some of the most reasonable rates possible. We can help provide coverage for your home, condos, investment properties, and even some commercial buildings, too.

Other homes can have issues securing coverage because of the number of losses they had in the last 3-5 years, such as from theft, vandalism, or fire. As a result of these losses, many insurance companies feel this home is too risky and undesirable to insure. However, not all companies feel this way and will provide coverage for your home while time passes for your claims history to clear up. We can provide coverage for these kinds of homes and help you transition to another insurance company in the future if the need arises.